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last updated December 2nd, 2021


Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Kristin and I made this page as a creative outlet and out of nostalgia for coding. Theres a ton of content like blinkies, pixels and more as well as some of my own art. Most these pages are still under construction because I just stumbled upon neocities in the past month or so. I grew up in the early 90s so I am loving this old web/webcore content with the younger generations, it reminds me of when I played my very first video games (doom and quake) and of course who didnt love microsoft paint when they were young! But yeah Ive watched the internet grow from its infancy and I expanded into coding and website desing, as well as graphic design and painting when I was just 13 years old. If you have any questions about the site, the host, or content, I ask you use my chatbox below, hit me up on discord or shoot me and email. Thanks and have fun looking around!

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Discord: antikrist#2176
12/02/21 - added my second teeny tower room. working on a web garden

12/01/21 - adding a new bastet shrine. i made a new teeny towers gif!! go check it out here!

11/30/21 - working on the ares shrine. new blog post.

11/29/21 - lazy lazy lazy - added some links here and there. idk. feeling sick

11/28/21 - mood board and new blog post

11/27/21 - added more stamps and blinkies / mood board shit

11/26/21 - working on some broken links and adding more content like pixels and such

11/23/21 - adding more blinkies

11/22/21 - added a new survey and some pics on the moodboard

11/21/21 - new blog post and pics of clown baby

11/19/21 - worked on the aquarium page a bit - adding pics soon

11/18/21 - adding more content to random shit

11/17/21 - new blog post, I got new fish! worked on some sub pages.

11/16/21 - made some tweaks to the site, moved the updates and cleaned up the right sidebar a bit

11/15/21 - updated mutuals, adding more stamps because I might have an addiction to saving pixels

11/14/21 - still improving the layout, slow work in progress but im overall happy with where its going

11/13/21 - worked on new waves layout, just about done.

11/12/21 - new blog post, moodboard and working on waves theme. added yesterweb radio.

11/11/21 - new blog post

11/10/21 - decided on a new layout, so far its been a pain in the ass.

11/09/21 - working on the WoW portal page and adding more content to existing pages (slowly). time for more hot cocoa

11/08/21 - new blog post and adding more pages before I even finish others, whats new

11/07/21 - added stickers and FAQ

11/06/21 - changed the index intro, added some new pages that I will be working on in the coming days. added some new buttons for my fav neocities.

11/05/21 - added some more stamps and blinkies, new blog post

11/04/21 - working on my BPD awareness page and adding more content to blinkies and stamps.

11/03/21 - added the new christmas link and got away with the halloween page until next year

11/02/21 - updating some sites that are still under construction. added a snow effect

11/01/21 - adding new content. working on my portal page to my WoW characters

10/31/21 - playing with different fonts, getting ready for christmas and added new pages (still under construction).

10/30/21 - updating index page with new settings.

10/29/21 - new blog post.

10/28/21 - added more blinkies and stamps. working on new christmas layout.

10/27/21 - added a new survey and more mutual buttons. working on photoalbums and adoptables

10/26/21 - added folders to photoalbum and pictures to 2021. new blog post is up.

10/25/21 - changed the front page - added buttons/affiliates lmk if you want yours posted

Updates: new blog post - halloween page is up

Updates: added a photoalbum link - coming soon!

Updates: made a button! see above.

Updates: fixed the scrollbars appearing in firefox. should be prettier now

Updates: added a quiz page for old myspace and geocities quizzes - my ultimate past time