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31 | she/her | oregon/texas | intp | bpd

Hi, my name is Kristin and I run this blog by myself mainly out of nostalgia for early 1990s-2000s web. I have been coding and collecting old web content since I was 9 years old and have always found making gifs and websites an addicting hobby.

I currently live in southern Oregon, however, I am from a small town in east Texas. I always had a love for the outdoors and nature, therefore, moving here was a complete dream of mine I finally went after in my early 20s. Since then I have lived in big cities and small towns, however, I prefer country living and living sustainably. I currently am in the process of pursuing my passion in biology with a major in zoology and marine biology. My hobbies include gardening and botany, with specialization in trees and native plants, such as sequoias and redwoods. I also like drawing and illustration as well as painting every now and then. Journaling is another hobby of mine, hence making personal blogs which reflect my emotions of everyday life. I am a huge antique nerd and love to collect old and unwanted items. I like to crochet and maket things by hand and will be uploading patterns on here in the near future! I have 2 tuxedo cats: my baby little butt (shorthair) and a rescue boots (longhair). I also have an aquarium stocked with neon tetras, panda corydoras, sunset platys, and one albino bristlenose pleco with ramshorn snails. I have always loved animals and being from Texas that never stopped me from having exotic pets when I was younger (which now I look down upon). I am a Zoology undergrad focusing in conservation of orcas in the pacific northwest (salmon eating). In my spare time I like to play World of Warcraft and watch too many David Attenbourough documentaries. I spend way too much time on the internet saving every image I come across that brings me at least one seratonin molecule. I am also a supporter of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as I was diagnosed with it at 16 and have struggled ever since. Feel free to message me on discord if you are struggling or need help, I am always here for as a listening ear if you shall need, stranger and friend alike. If you have any questions you would like to ask, send me a message in the chat and I will post in my FAQ page. Have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Hobbies include: gardening/botany, aquarium keeping, zoology, linguistics, crochet, natural history, roadtrips, nature and hiking, foraging, video games, conservation, and journaling.

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Art, biology, oceanography, being outdoors, gardening, animal keeping, aquariums, horses, going for drives in the mountains, reading, video games, digital painting, movies, world of warcraft, dungeons and dragons, flower pressing, linguistics, crochet and knitting, sad girl music, larping, etc Hot weather, when I mess up a recipe, comedy stand ups, comedy movies, living paycheck to paycheck, student loan debt, when my cat pisses on my couch, anything made or set in the 70s etc

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Recently, I went on a journey through and learned a lot about my heritage and genealogy. I learned more about my fathers side of the family, especially through his birth dad. I learned I am mostly Scottish origin rather than Irish or English amongst others. And to learn I was part southern Indian! Bengal!! How exciting!

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