My Babies

my life pretty much revolves around my pets so here are some profiles about them!

Little Butt

This is my number one favorite cat of all time and my full time shadow, Butthole. We call her Little Butt or Lil' Butt for short. When she was just a kitten I couldnt think of a name for the longest time so the name just stuck and boy does she live up to the name! She was born roughly in June 2013 in Portland, Oregon and moved to southern Oregon with me the same year and has been my emotional support animal ever since. I was going through a very rough period in my life when I got her so we instantly bonded and to this day she is the most lovable and loyal cat I have ever had. Her personality fits mine and she loves to spend time in the garden with me, however, she is mostly indoors. Butthole is very shy and skittish around new people but when it comes to me and my boyfriend she lets us hold and cuddle her while we spoil her with kisses.


Boots was a rescue from a home that no longer wanted her in her old age so I took her in and she has warmed up so much to our little family. She is a longhair tuxedo and is full of cuddly love. She used to hide in the bathrooms at her previous home and now she actually cuddles with us in bed and has even tolerated living with little butt. While they arent too fond of each other, I catch them cuddling all the time. She loves to eat and find new sleeping places and tearing up our rental townhouse. She can be a pain in the ass because she refuses to use the litter box but nonetheless we love her and she is much happier in our home than she has ever been. Shes quite social as well and will let anyone pet her. Not sure when she was born or even how old she is but we know she is in her final senior years and we do what we can to provide her with a happy healthy life in her furrever home.


This is my albino bristlenose pleco, Waffles. He was one of the first fishies that I added to my tank and by far my favorite fish Ive ever owned. He is full of personality and loves to hide under his rock where he has dug a nook as his hideout. I bought him a cave and he refuses to use it because no matter where I place his rock, its HIS rock. He was smaller than my neon tetras when I first got him in February 2020 and now is he fully grown at 2.5 years old and about 3 inches long. Hes become quite nocturnal so I dont see him much anymore except when hes kicking gravel out of his cave with his tail!

Clown Baby

My second pleco, a clown, which we named Clown Baby. A reference to its always sunny. Hes the most shy fish I have ever owned, but when he does come out its always a pleasant surprise. He is still pretty young and I never get the chance to take good pics of his underbelly but Im leaning towards him being female due to the non aggression of clown baby and waffles in the same tank. He is very pretty to look at and I just adopted him (along with the other corys) about a month ago and they all seem to get along just fine. I do, however, still want to update to a 40 or at least 30 gallon tank so they can have more room than just one cave and a makeshift with rocks. Aquariums are always a work in progess and thats what I love about them! Always changing!


Azul is my false network catfish also known as a corydora sodalis. He was a rescue from a guy who needed to get rid of all of his corydoras and I was in the market for finding a school for my two lonesome rescues. Unfortunately, after keeping Azul for a few months, he showed signs of depression and I have a small hunch he might've been wild caught because he isnt social with the other corys. I had to rehome him to a friend who currently keeps him in a 125 gallon tank with other corys of all species to socialize with. One day when I get a bigger tank, I hope to have Azul back with me, but for now we had to part ways with his best interest and health in mind.

The Pandas

It all started with one corydora panda who had been living alone so I rescued him (his name is Adam West/panda) from an unwanted home. I knew that corys had to be together in groups and he was showing signs of stress but I didnt have the money to ship a school of corys from upstate. So eventually I found another rescue from a 2 gallon with other fish (yikes) and united them in my main tank. They immediately fell in love and started schooling so I knew I had to get more. Eventually I found a school from a guy I rescued Azul from and they immediately started swimming together it was so heart warming to witness. I now have a school of 6-7 panda corydoras in the tank.

The Bandits

I rescued two bandits (a mating pair) from the guy I rescued Azul and a few pandas from. As soon as I released them in the main tank they felt right at home and actually started mating. A few weeks later I noticed little fishes darting around and it was hard to get a good look at what they were because I also have platys. Eventually I ID'd them as bandit corys, as they had the line going down the back from their dorsal fin to their caudal fins. I had to rehome them to the same person Azul went to because, like with Azul, they needed more room and she was willing to provide that for them. I could only catch so many babies in my heavily planted tank so there are at least 5 more corydora bandits in the main tank that I will eventually rehome. Until then, they are so cute to watch!

The Platys

The Green Dragon

The Gouramis