One of the most memorable festivals I've been to in my life, this was the last hoorah of mine before I drove to Oregon. I had no one to go with so I went by myself and made life long friends along the way. I rented a car, drove about 4 hours to Houston to the pre-show then drove to Austin the next day to start off my week long fun. I couldnt afford a hotel the first few nights so I stayed in my car in parking lots until cops came to shoo me away. Finally I met up with an old friend and she was nice enough to let me stay in her Hilton hotel room for the next two days. She had a tendency to run off with guys, and I even waiting up til 4am for her to get back because I didnt have a key card, so I made friends with the bands after each show. I bought a ton of merch and got to hang out backstage.


Pre-show: Abigail, Rotten Sound, Speedwolf, P.L.F., Oath of Cruelty

I dont remember the line ups for each day so here's a list of all the bands I saw: Bolt Thrower, Tragedy, Cruciamentum, Iron Lung, Mammoth Grinder, Imprecation, Magic Circle, Baroness, Rotten Sound, True Widow, Coliseum, Kill the Client, Infest, Final Concflict, Left for Dead, Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge, Hoax, Strange Factory, Absu, Abigail, Mitochondrion, Anhedonist, and I snuck in the last set and saw Manilla Road as everyone passed a joint around.


The 4 Day Fest:

The Fun:

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