Welcome to my shrine for the Pacific North West Orcas, also known as killer whales. I've been following the Southern and Northern Right killer whale pods for a few years now, especially L and K pod of Washington and Northern Oregon. In the links above you will find profiles of each pod, their matriarchs and new additions to the family by year.

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As you may or may not know, I am a zoology undergrad focused on marine biology and cetaceans, which includes orcas. Im not sure how I started this hobby of following the stories of each family but I have become very connected to these pods and the conservation behind their survival.

Special Notes:
• 04/05/22 - JPod was spotted in Dodd Narrows, BC via Salish Sea Orca Squad. Visit their website for video!

• 04/01/22 - Here is the March 2022 Salish Sea orca sightings map, and as you can see, it was a busy month! Bigg's killer whales were present every single day of the month. We suspect the Southern Residents (J-Pod) were here every day too, though they were only confirmed/reported on 15 days. Several Bigg's individuals and family groups made their first documented appearance of 2022 during the March "spring surge", including T11A, T34s, T36As, T37, and T37Bs. The whole southeast coast of Vancouver Island became a T superhighway, from Campbell River down to Nanaimo. It's of course very possible other areas are that active as well, but there are a lot of eyes in that area and they've had a lot to report! Other notable events included a rare trip by J-Pod to the west of Saltspring Island and Sansum Narrows, a visit from T125 and T127 Hacksaw, the T65As making one of their now regular visits to Hood Canal, and of course the first sightings of new calves T49A6 and J59! We are already well on pace for another record year of sightings and we can't wait to see what the month of April has in store. - source